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Valley Community Counseling

Valley Community Counseling Services

Our VCC Counselors this school year are Ana Villanueva Guillen, Jesus Robles, and  Claudia Gutierrez. As School-Based Counselors, we will provide students with personal and emotional support in any situation. High school is not always easy for everyone and it can be very daunting in more than one way. This year, we will be using face to face counseling as our means of providing services. We will also be communicating with students through the Microsoft Teams app.

Counselors are available Monday through Friday from 8:30-3:32 for any questions or concerns. We will be pulling students out of class and working with them during school hours only. Students struggling with issues and behaviors listed below may be helped through our counseling services:

  • anger management
  • social skills, withdrawn or shyness
  • organizational, study skills, and failing grades
  • coping with stress or depression
  • having a difficult time with transitions, divorce, or family problems
  • conflict resolution
  • self-esteem
  • grief and loss
  • inappropriate boundaries

We are here as a support for students, as a resource to parents, and school staff as well. Please utilize our services, as your referrals account for a significant portion of our caseload. In seeing your students, we request you please fill out a Referral Form, so we are brought up to speed on the student’s specific situation. It is required that a Permission Slip is signed if you would like for us to continue seeing your student after the initial visit. We are not allowed to see students again until we have received a signed permission slip.

Please return these forms to us via email,  or, or in-person. If you are unsure if a student needs counseling or if you have any questions at all, please feel free to reach out to us. You can call or email any time as our contact information is below. We are located in the Counseling Office; you will be able to find hard copies of Referral Forms and Permission Slips in English and Spanish outside our office door.

Referral Form

Permission Slip

VCC Counselors

Claudia Gutierrez                                      School-Based Counselor

Monday, Wednesday, Friday | 8:30-3:32pm   ext. 52957

Andrea Rodriguez
School-Based Counselor

Tuesday| 8:30-4:00pm

Thursday | 8:30-3:30pm ext. 52957

Deepak Chib
School-Based Counselor

Monday-Friday | 8:30-4:00pm ext. 52890